About Us

Liquid Trace is an international company based in Los Angeles, California. Our small structure allows us to give each and every client the attention they deserve. We are dedicated to offering all our clients professional quality service, regardless of the size of the project. We believe that no two projects are alike; therefore, each project needs a different solution : Liquid Trace is here to find the customized solution that best matches your needs. With Liquid Trace, you are guaranteed to obtain and pay for what you need and nothing else.

Our Philosophy
"Quality over Quantity" is our motto. We strongly rely on our values to perform our services. For us, a happy client who comes back is worth the hundreds who never do. In other words, we are not content unless you are entirely satisfied with our services.

About The Designer
"Sy" began his career in design by creating the CD covers of records he released with his own band. He soon discovered a growing passion for the internet and, in the early 2000's, decided to design professionally. Self- starter, founder of several small companies, and leader of many projects, Sy has acquired strong experience in business development.

Today, Sy is established in Los Angeles, where he founded Liquid Trace and became a versatile designer and web developer. Programmers and designers join Liquid Trace on a regular basis to create strong teams for substantial projects. Sy is fluent in French and English, has a long study background in German, and understands some Spanish.