Q: What is a domain name?
A: A domain name is the internet address (URL) people will use to access your website. For example: www.mywebsite.com. To use this address you will have to register it. This service usually costs about $10 to $15 a year.

Q: I picked a domain name for my website how do I register it?
A: Liquid Trace can do that for you. It is part of our website building package to make sure you get the right URL that will best help you reach out to as many people as possible. You can also just go to Godaddy.com and register your domain name yourself, the process is easy.

Q: What is web hosting?
A: Simply put, web hosting is a space that you rent on the World Wide Web for your website. Every website needs web hosting. This service is offered by many different companies who offer many different types of hosting. Liquid Trace is here to help you make the right type of web hosting for you. For basic hosting needs, Liquid Trace offers a fast an affordable solution.

Q: I need a simple website and very fast. Where do I start?
A: Choose a domain name and purchase it as soon as possible as other people may already be having an eye on it. You can also have us purchase it for you. The earliest you contact us the better because each step of the setup takes a couple days. We will then set up a hosting account for you at a very competitive price. Next we will set up a temporary "under construction page" and work with you on the actual website.

Q: I have an pretty good idea of how I want my website to look, how do I turn my ideas into an actual website?
A: Liquid Trace will work with you to come up with a sketch on paper and/or on photoshop. We will then help you come up with a description of each different web page. Liquid Trace will then work on a proof and once the proof has been approved, we will start working on the actual website and its functionalities, animations and other content.

Q: How long does it take between the time we start the project to the actual launch of the website?
A: Each project is different and involves different levels of challenges. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from 3 days for an extremely simple website for which the content is ready to be published to 3 months for a more complex website for which the content still needs development. However, in most cases it only takes 30 to 45 days to complete a full website.

If you would have more questions or would like to suggest adding a Q&A to this list, please contact us.